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New Method Eavestroughs

Eavestrough, also called eaves, trough, gutter, eaves channel, guttering, roof water draining system, collects and diverts water shed in a house’s roof by channeling it away from its foundation.

Water damage is arguably the most common form of home damage in the Thunder Bay. Most home owners only passively think about gutters, and only react once a problem has happened. This small component of your home is responsible for directing water away from your attic, walls, and basement.

A malfunctioning Eavestrough system may result in:

  • Damages to roofs

  • Damaged (rot, ruin, stains) to siding, painted, brick and stucco wall finishes.

  • Heaving walkways 

  • Damaged landscaping

  • Mold and Moisture

  • Basement Flooding

Alu-Rex T-Rex® Continuous Hanger Timelapse during Winter

Timelapse showing the effects of snow and ice on a rain gutter system installed with the Alu-Rex Pro Series T-Rex continuous hanger system.

Our Suppliers


Mitten products are backed by Ply Gem — a 70-year leader in pioneering performance home exteriors, with a superior warranty for exactly the home you want for decades to come.


Founded in 1989 and located throughout Canada, Royal Building Solutions has made a name for itself by being more than a faceless distributor of building materials. We grow relationships by efficiently meeting your needs. That means getting you the products you need, not just the ones we stock.


Kaycan products offer unparalleled performance, multiple colour and design options with aesthetic and functional integrity. Every care has been taken to ensure that your home will maintain its beauty and durability for years to come.

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